Payment networks

Whether you are a small on-us network or a large regional payment association, MobiCash can help you grow your business by offering your customers something unique. With clear advantages to both acquirers and card issuers, MobiCash can be used to create new products or unify existing offerings on a platform built with innovation in mind.

Becoming part of the MobiCash ecosystem can offer you a distinct number of advantages:

  • Innovation and brand awareness without significant investment. Integrating MobiCash into your existing payment infrastructure future-proofs your business by offering cardholders (especially technology savvy millennials) the latest in payments technology, making your offering more attractive at a fraction of the cost.
  • Opening up alternative payment opportunities. Depending on the network participants, payment methods alternative to cards, such as bank accounts and mobile accounts, can be deployed by the network.
  • Instant new card products at minimal cost. The MobiCash service can be offered preloaded with a virtual card, saving on printing and mailing costs. This is especially beneficial for niche products, such as campus cards.
  • Alternative payments acceptance infrastructure with minimum investment. No need to roll out expensive terminals to expand your acceptance network. MobiCash can run on a variety of affordable devices, such as tablets and smartphones or even on PCs for some businesses (e.g. MOTO).
  • Creation of unique payment acceptance enclaves. With minimum or zero investments, MobiCash allows payment networks to create complete, standalone segments that introduce new revenue streams, such as, university campuses, resorts, festivals, as well as other places where it is unprofitable or physically impossible to install POS terminals across the site.
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