How it works

MobiCash is designed to make payments easier. The payment process requires a merchant and a buyer to perform a minimum number of basic actions. The retail and service organisation generates a bill for goods or services received or chosen by the customer, then the MobiCash service registers the bill in the database and the bill number is sent to the customer's mobile phone. The customer is authenticated in accordance to the rules of the MobiCash service and goes through the simple procedure of paying by touching the phone’s screen. MobiCash offers several input methods for the customer to enter the bill number: it can be entered manually, scanned using a QR code, entered by voice command or read using an NFC tag. The user also has the capability to view detailed information about the payments they have performed which helps the user to control their costs.

Customer authentication is performed using a fingerprint or PIN, but can also be performed by standard host systems installed on the issuer side, allowing them to check any data known to the issuer.


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