Card/payment method issuers

Today financial institutions and alternative payment providers are turning their attention to developing mobile payment channels - having a mobile strategy is no longer optional, it is essential to maintain and grow market share. The question that card issuers face is whether to outsource or develop their mobile programs in-house. The main driver for in-house development is having complete control over the customer experience, however, the main drawback is the danger that your solution may have limited scope, never gaining enough traction to become truly mainstream.

Whether you are a bank or an organisation with a non-card program, MobiCash can help you grow your business. It has been developed by a team of experts in the payments space with over 25 years’ experience bringing innovation and flexibility to issuers worldwide. As such, we offer a tailored mobile service that alleviates the pain of you having to constantly update your technology. It is one of the most versatile mobile payments services on the market as it is not tied to a specific payment method (including cards), bank, mobile network, device or OS. Most importantly, MobiCash is flexible enough to implement projects tailored to your business requirements and customer base.

Becoming a part of the MobiCash ecosystem can be beneficial to issuers in a number of ways. The key benefits include:

  • Instant new card products at minimal cost. The MobiCash service can be offered to customers preloaded with a virtual card saving on printing and mailing costs. This is especially beneficial for niche products, such as campus cards.
  • Increased customer interaction. MobiCash opens up an extra marketing communications channel whereby you can send promotions directly to consumers via their mobile devices.
  • A versatile extension to your mobile banking offering. We can work together to integrate mobile payments into your mobile banking service, for a more holistic and secure approach to your mobile initiative.
  • Innovation and brand awareness. Linking your brand to new and innovative services like MobiCash promotes your advocacy to future-proofing your business and offering your cardholders (especially technology-savvy millennials) the latest in payments technology making your offering more attractive.
  • Loyalty and rewards. We support several kinds of loyalty programs: from simple discounts to more complex point calculation and redemption systems.
  • Unique advantages for your customers. To see the full list of benefits your customers can enjoy, please click here.
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