Acquiring agents

Whether you are an acquirer, PSP, ISO or class yourself as the type of organisation that provides acquiring services to a group of merchants, MobiCash can help you grow your business.

MobiCash can be used by businesses of all types and sizes, including physical retailers, restaurants, online shops, MOTO merchants, office-based businesses and mobile businesses (such as tradesmen, taxis, etc.). As the service is built on EBPP technology, it is also primed for businesses that issue invoices, allowing payment acceptance before, on or after delivery. MobiCash can be easily integrated into sales and marketing campaigns, whereby consumers can scan QR codes straight from the pages of magazines, flyers, billboards and emails.

The service offers several ways for merchants to accept payments depending on their business model, including:

 Integration with POS terminals and till systems inclusive of other point of sale hardware

  • An API for simple intefration with online retailers
  • The MobiCash POSapp that can be installed on the merchants's mobile device
  • Static QR codes
  • A specialised merchant portal

The key advantages MobiCash offers acquirers are:

  • Enter new markets at minimal cost. The service opens up the door to niche retailers who tend to use cash.
  • Tailored solutions for your merchants. MobiCash does not follow a one size fits all approach, we can tailor the service to different merchant groups or even individual merchants if required.
  • Versatility. MobiCash is one of the most versatile mobile payments services on the market as it is not tied to a specific payment method (including cards), bank, mobile network, device or OS.
  • Increased security. Due to advanced tokenisation and additional layers of security, the service is more secure than card payments and even more so for CNP payments. No customer data is sent via the merchant terminals, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud and eliminates the need for the retail outlet to meet PCI DSS compliance.
  • Use of the existing payment infrastructure. MobiCash is built on Visa and MasterCard infrastructure as standard, and can also support local networks if required.
  • Strengthened relationships. The service offers you an opportunity to help your merchants reach new customers through innovation.
  • Unique advantages for your merchants. To see the full list of benefits your merchants can enjoy, please click here
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