How it works



There are a number of ways to initiate payments with MobiCash


Bill issuance

  • Bills can be issued via the MobiCash Merchant Portal or the MobiCash POS App
  • When the bill is received, the consumer can:
  • Pay it immediately using one of the payment methods stored in their MobiCash Wallet (any type of card or Apple Pay / Samsung Pay)


  • Move the bill to the BILLS section and pay it later
  • Merchant receives immediate notification when bills are paid


  • Merchants can opt for static or dynamic QR codes that can be placed on any printed materials, on social media, in emails and online
  • The consumer scans the QR code and follows the process to make a payment: a set amount (static QR code) or input their own value (dynamic QR code)
  • The merchant receives notification when a payment has been made


  • Consumers can make in-app payments directly to registered merchants from merchant homepages if a merchant has opted for this service (e.g. donate to a charity, pay a utility bill)
  • Merchants can pre-determine payment values in specific circumstances (e.g. donation amount, registration fees, ticket prices)
  • Payments via Marketplace


  • QR code generation via POS terminals
  • The service works with ePOS and POS terminal integrations



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