MobiCash is the only mobile payments service in the market built for both the acquiring and issuing side of the payments industry. MobiCash encompasses the inherent qualities of plug-and-play principles with a highly customisable environment, whereby every business need is covered. Built with differentiation in mind, MobiCash is equipped with a host of exciting value-adds, including biometric payments, an in-built marketplace, loyalty programmes, a closed-loop event ecosystem, amongst many more.

Be part of the MobiCash ecosystem

Our innovative mobile payments service offers unlimited opportunities for business growth and opens up new revenue streams. Unlike many other mobile payments offerings in the market, we are not a start-up, we have over 30 years of relevant experience developing and implementing electronic payments systems across the globe.

MobiCash can support any business with customers ranging from the small market stall looking to accept electronic payments to large utilities companies with e-invoicing requirements, from providing issuing banks with mobile banking capabilities to offering entire acquiring functionality for banking giants.

With its powerful super app abilities, MobiCash goes beyond simply enabling mobile payments, to complementing and supporting the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike. 

Payment aggregators

Payment aggregators

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