Mobile payments at your fingertips

What is all the fuss about?

MobiCash is a mobile payments service designed to complement your lifestyle by making payments quick and easy without compromising your security. In short, it is a secure tool for making payments anytime, anywhere, from shopping at your local store to scanning a QR code at a bus stop. You can link multiple cards to your mobile and leave your wallet at home, safe in the knowledge that your card number isn’t stored on the device. Your phone is always close to hand, and now so are your payments!

Download MobiCash today and start making faster, more convenient and secure payments.

Why use MobiCash?

Why wouldn’t you? MobiCash is easy-to-use, convenient and safe. It ticks all the boxes and more. Unlike other mobile payment services, MobiCash isn’t tied to a specific bank, card, mobile network provider or handset. It isn’t prepaid, unless you choose to link a prepaid card, and there is no minimum or maximum transaction amount. MobiCash is universal, created for everyday use for everyone.

MobiCash has been tested, tweaked and tested again, piloted, tweaked and piloted again by the MobiCash lab rats (otherwise known as the MobiCash team). We are ALL advocates of the service and there is no better advert than that! But don’t just listen to us, give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

"I can order lunch for the whole office and pay over the phone without giving my card details to a stranger and then quickly pick up my order without queueing." – Contented customer
Why use MobiCash?

Simple, fast & secure payments on the go, anywhere!

  • Convenience. There's no longer any need to search for your wallet in your bag as MobiCash is always close to hand, providing you with simple, fast and secure payments on the go, anywhere!
  • Choice. You can link any card type (and as many as you want!) to MobiCash, and you can choose how to pay - QR code, NFC, voice command, bill number.
  • Security. No card numbers are stored on your device, with your card data kept safe in accordance with strict payment industry standards.
  • Versatility. MobiCash is not tied to a specific card, bank, mobile network or handset and works on Android and iOS.
  • Instant payments. It only takes a couple of minutes to install the MobiCash app, then you can immediately start making payments with it.

Pay with MobiCash anytime, anywhere!

We understand that mobile payments apps today need to offer you something that makes life just that little bit easier and we believe we have a winner!

How to get a piece of the action

It's as easy as one, two, three!

1. Log in
2. Get the bill by QR code, bill ID, voice or NFC
3. Pay securely

Install the application from Google Play or the Apple App Store by typing MobiCash in the search bar or by scanning the relevant QR code below:

qrcode mbc
"I always have my phone on me but forget my wallet. With MobiCash this no longer a problem." – Forgetful & satisfied user

Where can I pay with it?

You can use the application to pay for goods and services wherever you see the MobiCash symbol.

Mobicash Mobicash Mobicash

We are currently working with loads of businesses and shops to bring MobiCash to market. These forward-thinking, sensible and clever businesses include: high street retailers, online shops, utility companies (and any other businesses that like to send you monthly bills), takeaways, cafes and restaurants, market stalls, tradesmen (your local electrician or plumber), councils, taxis, letting agents, car parks, universities, ticket and booking offices, charities….let’s face it….anywhere you can exchange money for something, all above board, of course!

Notice anything missing from this list? Feel free to download the app and contact us with your suggestions.

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