Our world is becoming increasingly cashless, and as such, the way people donate has changed too. With the payments trends and behaviours steadily moving towards digital charities need to keep up with these changes in order to continue their vital work

Charities can no longer rely on collecting donations the way they used to and expect the same number and amounts of contributions. On top of this, worldwide, with the COVID-19 pandemic placing emphasis on the hygiene concerns associated with handling cash and using payment terminals, the traditional ways of collecting charitable donations are becoming less sustainable everyday. Now it’s all about contact-free and digital. Let us help you adapt to this new reality and ensure a continuous flow of financial aid  to support your cause

We can offer you:

Anywhere you can place a QR code on can become a point of donation including:
Marketing collateral
billboards, leaflets, stickers, posters, presentations, mascots, badges
Websites, emails and social media
Text messages
POS terminals
Shop windows
Our ready-to-use mobile app
Unlimited payment options
Your donors can use any type of card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay. Our service is even Open Banking compatible
A homepage tailored to your charity
Personalise your space to showcase your cause and share details of how donors can support you
Valuable insights about where your donations come from
Whether by location or by campaign success, you can easily track contributions
Peace of mind
Reduce the cost and risk of cash handling
Merchant portal
An online tool that provides a universal overview of your MobiCash activity, lets you generate QR codes and manage access rights
Gift Aid
Offer your donors an opportunity to include Gift Aid with each contribution
Sell your merchandise to boost donations to your cause via our in-app store. You can personalise your page and list as many items as you want
Our in-app advertising options can ensure visibility and help you attract new donors, announce fundraising events and campaigns
Our in-app event tool has a lot of exciting features that can help you manage your fundraisers
To expand your reach even further, offer your donors biometric payments

Why choose MobiCash?

Super app
Your whole mobile strategy in one place
Tailored to your specific business needs - today and tomorrow
Plug & Play
Start accepting mobile payments now
Value-added services
Boost your fundraising and attract more donors
Peace of mind for you and your customers
Expertly developed

The MobiCash team has over three decades of experience developing and implementing electronic payments systems across the world. It’s safe to say that we are not a start-up; we are trusted and proven experts in payments and software. We use our knowledge to build meaningful partnerships with our customers and focus on working together to drive long-term success

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