What is MobiCash for businesses?

MobiCash is a mobile payments service designed to make payments easy without compromising security. It is simple to use and offers businesses a cheaper and more inclusive way of accepting payments, as the service is not tied to any device, operating system, card or payment network. We offer hassle-free payment acceptance at your fingertips.

MobiCash enables customers to pay using their mobile phone. Designed as a universal service for any business that accepts payments, MobiCash offers you and your customers a quick and easy payment method! Whether you're an independent tradesman, nationwide business or online shop, MobiCash bridges the gap between service and availability. It is a service for any business and any consumer - for everyone.

Here at MobiCash, we don't think that payments are broken and we aren't offering our solution as a quick fix. We believe that payments are evolving, and as payment innovators, we want to facilitate this growth.

Who can accept MobiCash payments?

In short – everyone!

High street retailers, online shops, utility companies (and any businesses that send bills), takeaways, cafes and restaurants, market stalls, tradesmen, councils, taxis, letting agents, car parks, universities, ticket and booking offices, charities.

Is your business missing from this list? Feel free to contact us and we will figure out how to make your business accept MobiCash and we will design a special icon just for you

Why should my business use MobiCash?

Designed to be accessible for any business that accepts cash or cards, MobiCash can help streamline the payments process and lower your monthly overheads. The service offers a number of ways to initiate payments; via POS terminals in store, a retailer’s online shop or the MobiCash POS application on a merchant’s smartphone. A simple API supports quick and easy integration with websites and/or existing POS terminals with minimal hassle.

MobiCash offers four key differentiators:

  • No set up fees, no monthly fees and low cost transactions for debit and credit cards
  • We offer a versatile approach to taking payments. Our service is adaptive and scalable to your business requirements; whether you are online, on the ground, on the phone or on the go, MobiCash can be accepted everywhere at no extra cost
  • Loyalty and rewards. We support several kinds of loyalty programs: from simple discounts to more complex point calculation and redemption systems
  • Unique advantages for your customers. To see the full list of benefits your customers can enjoy please contact our team

If this doesn’t convince you….keep reading:

  • No need to buy or rent expensive terminals. You can invest in low-cost tablets or smartphones or just use what you already have. When it comes to POS terminals and till systems, we can work with your equipment providers to make sure MobiCash is accepted by your business
  • For businesses that are only able to accept cash or cheques, MobiCash inexpensively opens up a whole new revenue stream and unlocks a wider customer base
  • For businesses with an online presence we offer simple integration via our API
  • Freedom from PCI compliance and other data handling standards; MobiCash stores the data, performs the settlement process and deposits the payment straight into your account
  • Data security and fraud prevention. By using safer card-not-present transactions you are increasing customer confidence in making transactions online and over the phone with a substantially reduced chance of basket abandonment. More trust = more sales = more profit!
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