What is MobiCash for businesses?

MobiCash is a mobile payments service designed to make payments easy without compromising security. It is simple to use and offers businesses a cheaper and more inclusive way of accepting payments, as the service is not tied to any device, operating system, card or payment network. We offer hassle-free payment acceptance at your fingertips.

MobiCash enables customers to pay using their mobile phone. Designed as a universal service for any business that accepts payments, MobiCash offers you and your customers a quick and easy payment method! Whether you're an independent tradesman, a nationwide business or an online shop, MobiCash bridges the gap between service and availability. It is a service for any business and any consumer - for everyone.

Here at MobiCash, we don't think that payments are broken and we aren't offering our solution as a quick fix. We believe that payments are evolving, and as payment innovators, we want to facilitate this growth.

Who can accept MobiCash payments?

In short – everyone!

MobiCash is designed to pay for goods and services at a whole range of retailers and businesses, from shops, takeaways and online retailers, to bill providers (utilities, councils), schools and nurseries, local tradesmen, charities, subscription services and many other companies that accept payments.

Is your sector missing from this list? Feel free to contact us and we will figure out how to enable your business to accept MobiCash.

Why should my business use MobiCash?

  • Super app. Your whole mobile strategy in one place
  • Customisable. Tailored to specific business needs - today and tomorrow
  • Expertly developed. Designed by payments experts with over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • Security. Peace of mind for you and your customers
  • Value-added services. Boost your business and attract more customers
  • Plug & Play. Start accepting mobile payments now

Value-added services

MobiCash encompasses the inherent qualities of plug-and-play principles with a highly customisable environment, whereby every merchant’s need is covered, from tradesmen and market stalls to large retail chains, charities and utility companies. With a host of exciting value-adds, MobiCash is the only payments super app in the market

  • Events
  • Payment request
  • Marketplace
  • Biometrics
  • Advertising
  • Loyalty


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