Marriage Care roll out MobiCash to enable charitable donations

Marriage Care, a UK relationship counselling service charity, are rolling out MobiCash, a mobile payment service, to all of their centres that provide counselling across England and Wales. 

MobiCash enables charities to receive donations in a multitude of ways. Marriage Care have chosen to collect donations for counselling primarily using QR codes. Once registered, users can make quick mobile donations by scanning QR codes placed on Marriage Care’s printed materials, shared digitally or from within the MobiCash app itself. The system is particularly useful for collecting Gift Aid, which adds 25% to the overall donation value.

Couples and individuals attending counselling don’t have to carry cash and can now make secure cashless donations at the click of a button, and the centre administrators don’t have the hassle associated with cash handling. As digital payments continue to grow in popularity and people’s concerns around using cash increase, MobiCash can help alleviate these worries and streamline the payment process. 

Helen Jeffries, Head of Finance for Marriage Care said: “After an initial pilot to assess the impact of the new technology on a small charity like ours, we are pleased to report that implementing it was relatively straight forward and it greatly simplified processing Gift Aid.”

The service has been developed by Compass Plus, an international provider of payments technology with over 30 years of experience in the payments industry, and has been fully integrated with RSM 2000, UK payment service provider for SMEs and the charity sector.

Nigel Walters, Managing Director of RSM 2000, said: “Marriage Care’s decision to move from a pilot to full roll out shows that MobiCash can simplify life for charities of any size.”

Steven Marsland, Business Development Director, MobiCash at Compass Plus, said: “We are extremely proud to support charities – something that is always important, but even more so in these uncertain times. MobiCash is an adaptive payments solution that ticks all the boxes when it comes to collecting charitable donations.”

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